I worked with Pierre Pequegnat from November 2015 to July 2016 to secure a commercial mortgage to buy out a business partner in four co-owned companies.  Pierre quickly grasped the nature of my business, identified the key financial institutions, prepared a detailed loan application and coordinated a live webinar to present me and my businesses to multiple lenders and their credit risk officers simultaneously.   His efforts resulted in several highly competitive, low interest rate offers from Schedule 1 banks with flexible lending terms including a large unsecured 3 year term loan.  The term loan and mortgage structure matched my business cycle and cash flow schedules which saved me tens of thousands in financing and closing costs.  He successfully eliminated or reduced bank commitment fees, legal closing costs, environmental fees and real estate condition reports.  Working with Pierre was the best decision I made.  He saved me hours of stress.  His intelligence, comprehensive knowledge, sensitivity to my business needs and speed of response were all exceptional.

Barbara Arrowsmith Young
Arrowsmith School